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Shanghai Wanda Law Firm, Xinhuanet Partner, is a comprehensive law firm. The lawyers of Wanda Law Firm are all graduated from the national first-class political and law colleges or overseas famous law schools. They have solid legal foundation, rich practical experience and deep sense of social responsibility. I have 3 lawyers in Germany and UK with master's and doctoral degrees, and 2 lawyers with long-term working experience in Shanghai court. Many lawyers at Wanda Law Firm are long-term guest lawyers of Shanghai Cable TV "I am looking for a lawyer" and Shanghai Radio "Oriental Barrister" program. In 2017, Wanda Law Firm and the operator of the Alipay legal service platform, Fajiayun, worked together to make Wanda Law Firm at the forefront of the Internet legal era...

  • Chen Liang
  • Li Xiaoxing
  • Yu Jie
  • Xu Lixin
  • Zong Xuzhi

Chen Liang

lawyer agent
 Broadcasting name "A Liang", lawyer agent

 Years of experience in the traditional media, senior media professionals.  have multi-channel media and unique network resources.

Now he is fully in charge of Wanda Law Firm’s marketing work, formulating market and brand development strategies, standardizing the firm’s products.   Collect, process, and analyze the market data, then iterate the law firm's product modules, and then further optimize the marketing plan.

 Customize the related products according to various target customers and integrated marketing


Li Xiaoxing

Head of the Team

Li Xiaoxing, male, born in 1986, graduated from the law major of Fujian Normal University and worked in Shanghai Shouxin Trademark Office. In July 2016, he began to work as a paralegal at Shanghai Ding Law Firm, and in 2018 became a full-time lawyer of Shanghai Wanda Law Firm. Accumulatively handled hundreds of various types of cases, including litigation, arbitration, non-litigation, corporate legal affairs, etc., familiar with the processing procedures of various litigation cases. Alipay legal service platform recommended lawyers, specializing in handling corporate equity, debts and debts, marriage, inheritance, house demolition and other litigation, non-litigation cases, has a wealth of case handling experience and hosting skills. After achieving certain results, I began to study the legal fields with strong professionalism, such as private equity funds, securities, and intellectual property rights.

Yu Jie

Head of the Team

Yu lawyer, studied at Shanghai East China University of Political Science and Law from 1995 to 2002, studied at Warwick University from 2001 to 2002, and obtained a double master's degree in professional international economic law. In 1999, passed the Chinese bar exam.
Mr. Yu has worked as a senior legal counsel in a well-known Australian law firm. He worked at Allens Arthur Robinson from 2005 to 2009 and worked at Mingde Law Firm from 2011 to 2014 (Minter Ellison). ). Yu has also practiced in a well-known domestic law firm in Shanghai. In 2019, he joined Shanghai Wanda Law Firm.
Yu is a senior company and commercial lawyer. He has accumulated rich experience in foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border e-commerce, labor law, wealth management and many other fields, including automotive, logistics, food, medicine, hotels. Management, real estate, insurance, energy and resources.

Xu Lixin

Head of the Team

Xu Lixin, male, born in 1969, graduated from the Economic Management Department of Tongji University and the Law Department of East China University of Politics and Law. In 2018, he began practicing at Shanghai Wanda Law Firm. In July 1997, he began to work in Shanghai Songjiang District People's Court and Shanghai Minhang District People's Court. He worked as a clerk, trial judge and executive judge. He passed the national judicial examination in 2013 and started in Shanghai Sifang Law Firm in 2014. Work, in September 2018, is a partner of Shanghai Wanda Law Firm. In the work of the court for more than ten years, he mainly engaged in the execution and trial work, and understood every detail of the trial and execution of the case. He has gained some experience and mastered a large amount of legal knowledge and practical experience. In particular, it has its own uniqueness in the practical trial and enforcement of legal provisions and judicial interpretations, and is good at finding solutions to problems from the subtleties.

Zong Xuzhi

Head of the Team

Zong Xuzhi, male, born in 1975, graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law in 1993 with a major in international economic law. Later, he worked in the Songjiang District People's Court in Shanghai for three years. He resigned in Germany to study abroad at his own expense. In 2003, he obtained a master's degree in law from Osnabrück University, Germany, and a doctorate in law from the university in 2005.
From 2005 to 2008, he worked at the law firm in Sentheim, Germany; passed the judicial examination in 2008; internship at Shanghai Purui Law Firm in 2009; practiced at Shanghai Jintiancheng Law Firm from 2010 to 2016; 2016 In the year of practicing in Shanghai Wanda Law Firm.


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